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Victims of wishful thinking?

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It seems there is some amount of question as to whether the report about AMD delivering open-source drivers, made by Enterprise Linux Log, is entirely correct.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps. What Henri Richard apparently said was that AMD/ATI would improve relations with the community. Dave Airlie doesn't seem completely convinced:

So a marketing dude said something about open drivers for AMD/ATI gpus and working with the community.

Can people get excited when AMD/ATI actually do something rather than showboat for media headlines?

Like ATI won't let me release my r500 source because I shouldn't have used a utility they gave me under NDA on those cards, now the thing is I done the correct thing and contacted them asking if I could release the code, so far this has just been stonewalled by their Linux driver management and their "legal" department, this isn't the action of a company trying to interact with the community or one that gives a rats arse about community..

I don't know for sure, but Henri Richard's e-mail address might be If AMD is indeed interested in improving relations with the community, perhaps we should e-mail them asking for them to clear the release of Dave Airlie's r500 source?

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