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It's simply incredible the opinions some people hold. These are in response to a Jonathan Schwartz blog entry about cooperation with Linux, which I'd be tempted to comment on if I wasn't so distracted by the stupidity of some of the comments. I believe some of these speak for themselves:

Very good response from the CEO of a company Linus accused (to the extent of sounding like FUD) in the mail thread. The Linus mail would made some think he's getting increasingly scared of OpenSolaris. He was a more reasonable guy sometime back. Anyhow, hope the dinner works out well for both of you.

You might not find this one as hilarious as I do until you read what Linus said in full.

I think Linus' comments on Solaris show just how out of touch he is with other operating systems and the reason Linux has plateaued technically as an OS.

Linus' says ZFS is the only thing interesting about Solaris? That's one thing more than Linux has going for it.

Yes, Linux has nothing going for it whatsoever. Microsoft's fear of Linux is actually just an elaborate piece of comedy paid for by its shareholders.

I really get amused when some one mentions that they use Linux because it is free and it is open source. My immediate naïve question to them would be is – so which Linux do you use? The answer 99.99% would be – RedHat or Novell!! They do not realize that they “paid” RedHat or Novell for the distribution. So Johnathan is right RedHat and Novell hurt Sun more than what Linux did to Solaris. So did Sun really learn from RedHat regarding packaging or distributing an operating system? No it did not, it never will.

Honestly, I think Linux has a growth issue and its vast user base has to be nervous about it. Sun’s investment in Solaris might not have any impact on the share holder value for a while, but Linux has a lot of catching up to do.

Catching up? To Solaris?

For the record, I have respect for Solaris. But it amazes me when people in 2007 are still acting like Linux is a fragile newcomer without any desireable aspects or innovation. Talk about living under a rock.

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