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Nokia Further Open-Sources Qt

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Nokia has announced that they are going to add an additional license to the QPL/GPLv2/GPLv3/Commercial lineup: LGPL v2.1. This is excellent news for the toolkit as it will lead to wider adoption (and more improvements to the core toolkit).

I love Qt, because when I'm paid to write software to run on Microsoft Windows, I write that software on Linux, compile it on Linux, test it on Linux, and then the last step is to cross-compile it to Windows and test it inside a kvm virtual machine. I barely have to touch Windows with a 10 foot pole.

I'm not extremely fond of C++, but Qt makes C++ tolerable. The toolkit is quite honestly miles beyond Gtk+, a statement I make having written a Gtk+ app before, a number of glib apps, and being very fond of C. They're now shipping Webkit and an XQuery processor, and your application scan be styled (on the fly) with CSS.