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transocks_ev Patch: DNS, Performance, Reliability, Logging

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I've put out a new transocks_ev patch transocks_ev-performance-reliability-dns-logging.patch. transocks_ev is a neat little program by Bernd Holzmueller at that uses the Linux netfilter/iptables stack to intercept outgoing TCP connections and transparently convert them into SOCKS5 proxy connections. It's based on transocks which does the same thing. transocks uses a forking model, while transocks_ev uses libevent to multiplex connections in a single process's event loop.

I'm planning on using these changes to transparently intercept outgoing Postfix SMTP connections on some backend mail servers and to use DNS-based load balancing to fan those connections out across multiple proxy servers/Internet connections.

In addition, I've improved the logging support of transocks_ev, giving it three levels of verbosity with basic statistics collection for the connections. All blocking operations have been converted to non-block (connect(), write(), the new DNS). The code is using libevent bufferevent to manage low level socket access.

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