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Hosting your dotfiles and environment in Git

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Many Linux/BSD users are now hosting their dotfiles in git repositories. This scheme allows you to quickly deploy your favorite system configuration to a new server on which you've been given an account, letting you get bash, vim, screen or whatever utilities you use most working exactly as you prefer them with a minimal amount of fuss.

I started following this approach and have been doing so successfully for months.

In order to make deployment as easy as possible, I wrote a simple "apply" script in bash which would symlink desired configuration files into place, and automatically add an include line to the local server's bashrc which would include my global bashrc, so that my settings would mix in gracefully with operating system defaults.

I published a subset of my shared-env repository on GitHub to help anyone who wants to save a little bit of time spent gettting a skeleton in place.

My shared-env contains a few handy vim plugins (including localvimrc and my own makesd) and the really cool tab completion directory history script

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