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Thank You Sprint!

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Yesterday, my Sprint Nexus S 4G stopped sending or receiving calls or text messages. The phone is running stock Sprint Android ICS software.

This occurred after a round of manual application updates to apps like Facebook, Skype, iMO and others. My initial suspicion (after trying to reboot the phone) was that one of these apps and its new permissions might have installed some kind of hook that disrupted my calling abilities. That was probably a stretch, but it was easy enough to try uninstalling these apps.

That didn't work, so I pursued information on the net that suggested updating the phone's profile (and its PRL) and uninstalling Google Voice (though my copy was factory preloaded).

I thought that I might be experiencing a Sprint network problem (despite the fact that data service worked fine) so I decided to sleep on it and see if it was working in the morning.

No dice, so I did a factory reset. I was annoyed that I'd need to replace all of my apps and configuration after said reset, but not as annoyed as I was when I discovered that it still wasn't working.

Finally, I got to another phone and called Sprint support. At this point I wasn't expecting a carrier outage, as an outage lasting this long in the telecommunciations industry can get the carrier in some regulatory hot water. To my surprise, I was told there was an outage in my area, and that Sprint had lost communication with the tower. I suppose that explains why the phone indicates full signal strength even though I can't make calls.

I've been assured that it will be fixed in the next two hours. Time to work on restoring my phone. :(

Super Duper Update!

It's now 5 hours after being told it would be fixed in two hours, and Sprint's connection to their tower is still not working!

Super Duper Super Duper Update!

It's now almost 11 hours since Sprint's first ETR (or at least the first one I was given) and the phone has been unusable in my area since Sunday afternoon (an outage of over 24 hours at this point). The new ETR I have been given is for 3:30 AM, 17 hours and 30 minutes after the first ETR.

Oh Sprint, you continue to be so amazing!

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